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    Best Buy to Pull CDs from Store Shelves

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    Big news about the fate of CDs from Billboard.

    Unless something changes, Best Buy will be pulling all music CDs off their store shelves on July 1, 2018. WOW, I never thought I would see this happen but the way which most of us listen to music has changed drastically.

    More and more, people are using streaming services to satisfy their music needs. It's really hard to deny how easy it is to listen to music on demand on Spotify and that's the way that I check out new music. If I like what I hear, I may buy the CD or even vinyl but many music buyers are buying music from a "digital store".

    Even though the largest brick and mortar music retailer sold a reported $40 million in CDs last year, this summer will mark the end of finding CDs in a Best Buy store.

    This will not affect me as I have no local Best Buy, but I hate that the physical disc will become harder to find. Are you still buying CDs?

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    People are not buying Cd's anymore so I can see the reason to get rid of Cds.. Everybody is downloading or watching it on youtube.

    I haven't purchased in many many years.
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    But they likely will still sell vinyl. That would be very Best Buy of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Del Colliano View Post
    But they likely will still sell vinyl. That would be very Best Buy of them.
    Actually, BB says they will continue to sell vinyl and will be using it to fulfill the remainder of their contractual obligations with music vendors.

    So, can we expect to see a big CD clearance sale at Best Buy?

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    No big deal. I’ll just buy CDs at Sam Goodys and Tower.
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    WalMart is my only local option, and I hate WalMart so.........Amazon it is.

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    I hate Wallymart too. Sadly, at least where I live, we're not losing much with BB; they're down to about 8 feet of cd's already; & even movies have been cut to bare bones.

    I'm in a sales tax state; & now many of the larger internet sites are charging sales tax to all sales tax states due to a fear of a lawsuit; so it feels like many of my options are shrinking (I can't justify both shipping & sales tax). At least none of the HR dl sites are charging tax, YET.

    Locally we also have a couple Barnes & Nobles, a couple FYE's, Target (who is expected to do the same as BB from what I've read), & a few over priced indies. For years the only realistic local options I've been aware of for music & film are pawn shops, thrift stores & the clearance section at half price books.
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