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    I'd like to hear your thoughts. There is no right or wrong answer and there will be no debate from me.

    Here is a question if you don't mind answering:

    When all of the high capacity military style type guns and gone, do you see an America that has fixed the murder in schools problem?


    To answer your question simply - no, I don't think that hypothetically getting rid of all military weapons will end school/mass shootings. IF we could do it, do I think it could greatly curtail not only the number of shootings, but when they unfortunately do occur it will help reduce the number of casualties.

    So many thoughts, but they all start with the caveat - assuming we have done everything we can to keep guns out of "crazy" peoples hands. But, there is a problem there also. Crazy is really a term for mental health. So, first comes the mental health thoughts.

    1. Dealing with most, if not all mental health issues is a lifelong issue. You can be fine one week, you can be fine for a year. Many times someone doesn't KNOW they have a mental health issue until they break down the first time. I do agree we need to do more with mental health, but it's a small part of the problem/solution. Important yes, but small part. As a person gets older more of this typically gets fleshed out. Plenty of studies on when people actually mature.

    2. Waiting periods - suppose I subscribe to the thought that if you need a gun RIGHT NOW, then you absolutely do not need the gun right now. Why the hell anyone cares if they can buy a gun now, or wait 2 weeks to have said gun... beats me. If you need it right now, well then you probably should be talking to the police. So, seems to me even if we don't eliminate any guns, a pretty long/lenghty waiting period makes sense.

    3. 2nd amendment is not going away. I know that, you know that. I think we all also know that it was written in a much different time, under much different circumstances. I can yell fire in a packed theater... but i can also be prosecuted for it.

    4. Regarding the 2nd amendment. I'm for waiting periods, background checks, and holding the owner of a gun responsible for ANYTHING that happens with that gun. You have a kid with mental health issues, then you damn well better make sure you keep those guns locked down. Will it stop something like Sandy Hook - beats me, but people need to think about these things also.

    5. I know that people can give me every excuse to why they need to own an AR, but really it comes down to one thing - I want to own the damn thing. You are not going to stop an oppressive government with it, if you need it to take down a boar... then maybe you suck at hunting. They were designed to do one thing only, kill people quickly. BUT - I see the flipside - stop the sales, yes there is an illegal market for them and frankly it drives up the value of those available. But the reasons people give for having to own one - it's bullshit. It comes down to this. I want to own one. You don't need one to hunt, you don't need one to protect yourself. You just want to have one.

    6. "They start with the AR's, and next thing you know it's all guns". Nope, won't happen. Here in Michigan most democrats I know also realize how important hunting is to the economy.

    7. "It won't stop all murders and attempted mass killings" - No, you are right also. But I sure don't remember too many pissed of kids with pipebombs they built in the garage taking out 17+ kids at a school in the 80's.

    8. "look at chicago, how have the gunlaws helped there" - Different argument, different problem. Murders happen everyday, with guns bought illegally, most of which are trafficked up from the south ironically.

    9. "give the teachers guns" - sure, that's going to work. Just what every young college grad needs on top of 30 kids, reduced budgets, and screaming parents. The responsibility of becoming an expert marksman (or at least a hell of a shot) under the pressure of taking aim at a moving target with a gun that shoots faster than yours, killing someone else, doing everything they can to keep kids out of harms way... sure that is going to work. Insane argument.

    10. I have some other thoughts on how the gun industry should be getting out ahead of this and finding ways to use technology to combat it also. (That is another discussion entirely). But most other industries are pressured to make their products safer. Why not the gun industry?

    11. Suppose the other option is that we just all have guns, carry them on our hips and it's the wild west. "Go ahead, make my day". This is the old "the only way to stop a bad person with a gun, is to have a good person with a gun" So I guess at what age should we all start carrying guns?

    I realize that if anyone looks hard enough, picks apart an argument they can find an angle that sounds good enough, and plausible enough that they can get those that lean one way to agree with them.

    But, we have a problem, a big problem. It's really, really affecting a generation of kids. What we are doing now is NOT working. We have to try something.
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    Just what I thought! Lots to chew on here! Thanks!

    You've probably seen the "safe room" links before so I won't post one here but I think they may be an idea that works! Safe and sound in a bullet proof space with a tv monitor showing you what's out side of the room. They also say they are rated for safety during an F5 Tornado.

    It would be a heck of a lot better than stacking kids in a freaking closet for crying out loud. Kinda like the olden days when kids were told to get under their desks and cover their heads if a nuclear bomb was on it's way. That's going to work just fine. lol

    Or my favorite, get those kids in this hall, sit down and cover your heads. Here comes a tornado. I experienced an F5 tornado, the school and the entire hallway where the kids would have been if the tornado had hit during school hours was totally demolished.

    So much of our brilliant "solutions" for safety is just so much total BS. This world needs to put their heads together and start making sense and spending some money on REAL shelters if we say it's important to keep children safe.

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    Reinforced doors with a way to secure it from inside the classroom and bullet-proof glass would be a big step.

    Of course there would have to be other measures taken to prevent someone from bringing a gun into the school, to begin with. Just up the road, an 8th grader brought a handgun to school. They didn't shoot it, but the kid was "stupid" enough to bring a gun to and into the school especially after the Florida shooting was such a big news story.

    Also about 15 minute drive away, a teacher had a handgun in their classroom. He locked himself in his room, alone. When the students couldn't get into class they told the principal who went to the room and found the teacher sitting at his desk agitated. After attempting to talk to him the principal started to unlock the door and the teacher pulled out the gun and fired a shot out the window.

    In case you missed it, these were both involved legally obtained handguns. WTF is wrong with people today?


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