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    Quote Originally Posted by David Vaughn View Post
    We can agree on that...

    The deal with the Florida shooting was that it was an abject failure in government. The warning signs were definitely there, yet no one did anything about it. The FBI was also warned and dropped the ball. That's what people should be talking about today, not restricting gun rights. If proper procedures were followed, this scumbag wouldn't have legally been able to buy a gun making his task that much more difficult to achieve.

    Sadly, our system will rule him insane and the tax payers will pay for his care for the rest of his life. He should be sent before a firing squad and killed--end of story.
    Hello Mr. Vaughn!!!! I just got some good info from our very own SWAT team lead (he conducted a training at our facility). He said the Parkland police officers were indeed operating under the older SOP's (standard operating procedures). They were doing exactly as they had been trained. As a matter of fact - I've also learned that they have another procedure called "uniform over all". Unless you're wearing a uniform or a clear identifier (not just a badge), you will be treated as a hostile. They're also trained not to over expose themselves to danger. Parkland - made them change the way they do things in Florida and mandated new SOP's and training...however officer safety is still "paramount".

    Schools tend to stress shelter in place....that's wrong as well. Now the order is Run, Hide, Fight. This is what I've always practiced while working in education. My supervisor thought I was too military minded (I happened to be former military) and had contingency plans for all types of situations. I'm just glad to hear it from a SWAT commander.
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    I was commenting on how the FBI failed to follow up on leads, etc.

    As for the shooting itself and how the officers reacted, they cost a lot of lives by not engaging sooner.
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