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    I don't think I will ever be a "streaming guy" with the exception of background music.

    I want the absolute best AV presentation that my system can provide and even the best streaming that I have seen doesn't match Blu-ray. My sucky Internet, the best that AT&T can offer me, makes even watching Amazon Prime Video a pain at times. Buffering....buffering....buffering....

    I'm sticking with physical media.

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    I'm with Tracy on streams. I want to own my music. I am very ok with downloads, but not if the price of entry is going to be either a computer with outboard dac set up, or an uber expensive player that likely won't do nearly as many things as the Oppo did for 5-10 times the money.

    And I don't know of any pc based SACD player (other than playing iso's on foobar)
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    Quote Originally Posted by moomoomoomoo View Post
    And I don't know of any pc based SACD player (other than playing iso's on foobar)
    I haven't heard any news about playing an actual SACD or DVD-A disc on a HTPC either. I know that it's possible to get multi-channel Blu-ray Audio with the right configuration and soundcard but not sure about the others.

    I'm on the fence about if I should go ahead and buy another Oppo for future use. Granted, they seem to last a very long time but parts do fail. I'm wondering what are the most failed components and if replacements are universal enough to find them way into the future.

    I assume it's mechanical parts like the optical drive and belts that operate the disc drawer that are most likely to go first.


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