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    Tim Allen, Disney and the new world of TV

    This is a boring post, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    I waited until now so ourt own politics doesn’t enter into an explanation of a business decision. The TV industry is totally different today than it was a decade ago.

    We would all like to be mistreated like some people, conservatives this time, claim that Tim Allen was when his show, Last Man Standing, was cancelled by Disney.
    He is currently working for them on Toy Story IV.
    He did, of course Toy Story, 1,2 3.
    He did Three Santa Claus movies for them
    And he has done dozens of TV shows, cartoons and video games for them, mostly related to Toy Story.
    Tim had 14 years and 334 episodes on ABC Disney. Do you know anyone else that lucky? (Maybe Rosanne will be and she is a Trump supporter. Where were the “liberal” voices at Disney when this show was brought back? They were at the bank counting their money.

    When TV discovered the rerun (Desi Arnez filmed and owned I Love Lucy and had the rights to that) was there the money was they tried to own every show they could. To this day they (CBS) get money from the Twilight Zone and many others.

    In 1970 the FCC limited the owning of shows by the networks. We then got great TV from independent producers such Norman Lear (Tandum) All in the Family, Maude, Sanford and Son etc. Grant Tinker (MTM) gave us Mary Tyler More, Newhart, Hill Street Blues. The networks could only make money from commercials in the shows and their network reruns.

    But now, that boat has sailed. TV viewership is half, if that, to what it once was and their printing press, that printed money, has slowed down a lot. The networks used to get shows from the movie studios. Now the networks are owned by the movie studios and is just one outlet for their production. (NBC/Universal; Fox/Fox; ABC/Disney; CW/Time Warner & CBS; and CBS has a special arrangement with Paramount.)

    The greatest amount of money is not broadcasting the show first, but in the streaming, DVDs, international sales etc after a network has paid for its production.

    It varies, but the Networks make their money of the first 5 (or so) years of a TV show. Then everyone contract is up and it costs a lot more money to keep a show. Notice on many shows, Hawaii 5-0, Law and Order, and even Mom, regulars (co-stars) are dropped after four or five years. This is to save money. Salaries go up for everyone each year and dramatically go up after five.

    Star Trek rebooted every seven years rather than renew contracts at higher rates.

    Disney did not own Last Man Standing, Fox did. And everyone salaries….and the production company fees skyrocket at his point. This is not 20 years ago and Disney does not get the huge rates for commercial time and, in this case, would make nothing on the reruns, streaming and DVDs. So Disney would be paying for the actual high cost production of the episodes, and Fox would get all the profits.

    In TV money beats politics. Notice that Fox did not pick up the show either.
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    In the end it is about the money.. Good or bad TV, doesn't matter, ratings = money.
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    Never say never:

    Last Man Standing is better than most of the comedies on TV right now.
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