Yep. Unfortunately there are communication issues; the files will transfer for a bit & then freeze. That said, I need better headphones. My Kiss aren't that great & they're falling apart. I also have a pair of Skullcandy that I was given, they make everything sound like Rap. THEY. Are. Awful.

While the Kos aren't great, & the sound is nowhere near what I get from my stereo, I will say I never thought it would be possible for a phone to sounds this good. It has 2 Sabre 24 bit dacs. & sounds like decent mass market mid-fi with the Koss. I suspect it isn't good enough to justify megabucks phones. It would also be nice if I had a car stereo with an aux input, but I don't; & in my car just the kit alone to male a standard sized stereo fit was $300 about 3 years ago.