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    I am a Certified SciFi Nut and I absolutely love the story and concept of 2001. However, as much as I have wanted to Geek out on this film over the years, I cannot.

    As a matter of fact, I don't think I ever opened my Blu-ray copy that I received during the Red 2 Blue promotion.

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    As I've mentioned in other threads over the years, Kubrick movies are not ones to kick back with and simply be entertained. They are almost interactive in that you need to pay attention, and nothing is spelled out for you, and those long takes strain your ability to be invested in a scene. ("When is this take gonna end!!!" is not an uncommon sentiment, especially the scene when the astronaut walks up to the obelisk in 2001.)

    A Clockwork Orange is the best film ever made in my opinion, but I can barely stand to watch it anymore. Outside of the subject matter, it's just relentless in its demands on the audience, though 2001 and Barry Lyndon trump it in that regard. Barry Lyndon is BRUTAL.

    Even Kubrick's most accessible (and shortest, I believe) movie, Full Metal Jacket, is a slog.

    Still love him though, and still my favorite director. But watching his movies almost feels like work. Rewarding, though, and it kind of feels like an accomplishment to make it through one.
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