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    No Auto Setup Menu appears on Yamaha RX-V2400

    I recently added rear speakers to my 5.1 system to achieve 7.1 sound.
    I can't get the Auto Setup menu to appear on the monitor to run the YPAO configuration.
    I'm following the manual, but when I change the parameter/setup switch on the remote to setup, the SET MENU screen does not appear. Instead the OSD mode settings appear.
    How can I get back to the SET MENU screen?

    1) I've tried unplugging the unit multiple times. No good.

    2) I have tried with the YPAO Optimizer microphone plugged in, and not plugged in. No good.

    3) The manual doesn't say how to reset to factory settings. I've scoured the web and can't find any factory reset instructions that seems to work on this unit. I even downloaded the service manual but that didn't tell me how to reset it. The one post I've read on how to reset to factory seems to be an incomplete description from the service manual, regardless it doesn't work.

    4) Looking at the service manual, I see a reference in the "Starting Diag" section (Page 41) that says:
    PRESET INHIBIT (Initialization inhibited) / PRESET INHIBIT
    RAM initialization is not executed. Select this sub-menu to protect the values set by the user.
    PRESET RESERVED (Initialization reserved) / PRESET RESERVED
    Initialization of the back-up RAM is reserved. (Actually, initialization is executed the next time that the power is turned on.) Select this sub-menu to reset to the original factory settings or to reset the RAM. Any protection history will be cleared.

    That would seem to be exactly what I want to do, however it's not clear, or I'm to confuzzled to actually execute it. I was able to start the unit in diag mode, changed to Preset RSRV and power down. Wait 1 minute, powered the unit back up. Again, no Set Menu appears, right back to the OSD mode display.

    Since the new TV is HDMI only, and the RX-V2400 doesn't support HDMI, I had to plug in an old monitor using an S-Video cable to the Monitor Out jack in order to see anything. I wouldn't think that would matter, but ya never know.

    After the $ upgrade to new 4K TV set, and 2 additional speakers I really don't want to have to buy a new receiver just yet.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated (to my wallet and to regain my sanity).

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    I haven't owned a Yamaha AVR since the 90's (pre-auto setup days) but the Onkyo products that I have, went into setup if you plugged the mic into the front panel.

    I did some digging around the Internet. If this is the very early 2000's AVR that comes up in the search, it appears that its setup software was a bit buggy. You don't see any option to make it run the test tones again?

    Sorry, I can't be of more help on this one but welcome to Home Theater Equipment Forum.

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