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    Day Sequerra Refernce Tuner

    This is such a unique thought for me. I have the Day Sequerra FM tuner, with an update. And I am thinking of selling it. The unit is terrific and it sounds wonderful. It’s the best tuner I’ve ever heard.

    Then why sell it? Simply because I live on Long Island and all the radio stations that I have enjoyed are gone.

    There is virtually no more jazz or classical music that I can listen to. The stations have disappeared over the years. I have Internet radio and streaming radio that sounds very good but has the variety of stations that I like. Oh I turn the tuner on every once in a while just to check out if there’s anything I’d listen to. But there’s nothing. Again I never thought I would beselling a unit not because it doesn’t work or because It’s been updated but because there is nothing that I can listen to.
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    I never knew this piece existed. A Class A FM tuner with a big front-panel CRT display?

    WOW !!!

    I'll trade you my Toshiba XA2 HD DVD player for it. It's another big metal box that's taking up rack space that I too occasionally power up just because I wonder if it still works and I have a collection of HD DVD discs.


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