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    Has Anyone Else Noticed The Trend to 44/24? (Sigh)

    I was just looking at this week's HDT list. For the last few weeks, I've noticed that probably 80%+ of the 24 bit releases only have a 44 or 48 sampling rate. While imo, the bit rate makes a bigger difference, it's like the record labels are just sabotaging themselves again (just like all the DR7 hi-res files). Will they ever get a clue (um....... probably not).

    I just find it so frustrating because music mastered correctly from 88/24 & higher can sound so freakin' good.
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    44/24 and even 44/16 seem to be showing up a lot these days.

    I am not one that seeks out higher resolution simply because it's a higher resolution. I want it to sound great and there are many 44.1/16 CDs that do. The problem is knowing if the newest release will sound better than the CD you already own. It's a bit of a gamble unless you wait and read reviews.


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