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    I want a Marantz AV8802A

    Is the AV8802A pre-pro a good match for the LG OLED65E8PUA TV with max of $2500 to spend?
    I'm still interested in the Marantz AV8802A even after reading the review for the AV7703. There's only $300 difference after the 8802 dropped $1500 in price.

    I'm not sure I can sell the idea of an AV8802A + either the OPPO 203 or Panasonic UB820 to "She Who Must Be Obeyed". I think the term: SWMBO came from a comedy series.

    Comments are welcome,
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    Richard, kindly explain to SWMBO that it's only money and you can't take it with you. Please report back on how that works.

    As for the $1500 price drop, what's the going price?


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