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    best to use components


    i will be buying 4 chane music 5.4 speakers as rears as fronts
    a chane music 2.4 centre
    using a denon 4400 amp
    plus 2 other chane 2.4 as additional rears

    but what about for height channels for atmos dtsx auro 3d
    woud the svs prime elevation speakers be a very good match for the rest of the speakers
    or would i be still better of using an additional 4 chane 2.4 speakers as atmos duties

    or any other in ceiling to get maximum performance from this setup

    also would the parasound a21 be a very good amp to use with the denon 4400
    to enhance the audio of the 2 front speakers would it be a great match with the chane speakers

    also i want to add a chane 3600 amplifier to this setup
    and use 2 svs sb16 ultra subs
    and 2 chane sbe 118 subs as well again will they work extremely well together with this setup thanks

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    The SVS Prime Elevation speakers are really versatile and can be used in many different applications. I have never heard of the Chane Music 5.4 before so I cannot say if they will be a sonic match to the SVS or not.

    SVS does offer an in-home audition period so you can listen to them in your room with your other equipment and hear for yourself.

    As for the Parasound A21, it is a fantastic amp. Will it blend well with the Denon 4400, which I assume is an AVR? Yes.

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    I would go for the SVS elevation. I may very well be doing Chane 2.4's across the front and 1.4's in the rear (small room) in my new setup I'm working on and would be doing the SVS Elevations with them. The consensus I heard from a number of people on a different forum is that for something like atmos/height speakers you really don't need to worry about the timbre matching. If you wanted to do Chane for them though you'd need some sort of adjustable bookshelf mount so you can get them up high and angled and you'd probably be better off using 1.4's for the Atmos speaker in that case. The 2.4's are probably overkill unless you really have a huge room and you can get two 1.4's for just a bit more than one 2.4.
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