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    XMC-1, XPA-7 Gen3, pair T2, C2, 4 x E2, Airmotiv S12 Sub com

    i am after buying XMC-1, XPA-7 Gen3, pair T2, C2, 4 x E2, Airmotiv S12 Sub
    is there any way of adding to this setup so i can do height atmos channels as well and dts x
    normally this is 7,2
    i want to do 11.2 with this setup thanks

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    Right now, I don't think the XMC-1 supports Atmos. I found this on the product page:

    The Path To The Future

    Home theater technology has made rapid strides since the XMC-1 was first introduced, and the technology in the XMC-1 has advanced apace. We've just released the first major hardware upgrade for the XMC-1, which added support for HDMI 2.0b video, including all the latest 4k UHD formats like HDR and Dolby Vision. All future XMC-1 units will include these capabilities, and the upgrade will be available for every XMC-1 we've ever sold. The next major upgrade we have scheduled will add support for Dolby Atmos and DTS-X - the newest object-oriented surround sound formats.

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    i dont understand the xmc is 7.1
    but with the upgrade you can do atmos and dts x
    i am a bit confused does that mean it can do more channels than 7.1

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    You mentioned wanting Dolby Atmos. As it stands right now, the XMC-1 cannot decode Dolby Atmos. If you read what I posted, Emotiva says that Atmos is a planned upgrade but they do not give a timeline as to when this additional upgrade will be available for the XMC-1.

    Having 7 channels or even height channels is not the same as Dolby Atmos. If you want Dolby Atmos I would either wait until Emotiva releases the XMC-1 with Dolby Atmos decoding included, or choose another pre/pro.

    Here's a link to the Dolby site that deals with Dolby Atmos. Maybe it can explain the difference in it and simple height channels.


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