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    People are holding on to the BDP-95, and to some extent the BDP-93, now since it was the last player to support ISO playback. Providing the owner didn't install any of the later firmware updates which locks out that feature.

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    Hi Brandon,

    I agree except I believe technology will produce a better UHD player faster than you think. Now that my attempt to buy a 203 failed, I intend to sit back and enjoy my low rent Sony UBP-800 player. The Panasonic 9000 is suppose to have a little better video, but at a much higher price point. The small improvement in video may only be noticed with testing. I don't think anyone has a better transport that the 203, which was way ahead the group when released.
    I have an Oppo 83 & 93 which are still working. I had planned to buy Oppo's successor to the 203.
    Oppo went out on top

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    Hopefully I will come out long by one model 93 if anyone is interested in it. They came out with a 95 a few microseconds after I bought it. Works fine and looks new.


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