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    Discovered an odd behaviour on my RX-V1500

    repositioned my sub in the bedroom and reran YPAO. I checked the results, speakers were set to small, wired correctly, and sub detected. I then played some music and the mids were sounding closed off. Being curious I went into the manual settings and found that bass was configured to come out of both sub and satellites. I changed that to sub only and it really cleaned up the sound nicely.
    Main/2nd/3rd System
    AVR Yamaha RX-V1800/RX-V1900/RX-V1500
    Turntable ProJect Xpression III with Ortofon Red
    Cassette Deck Yamaha KX-800U/
    BluRay Yamaha BD-S681/Sony UBP-X800
    Media Player Iomega + 1TB internal drive/WD TV Live Plus + 3TB USB drive
    Display Samsung UN65KU6491 65"/UN55MU7000 55"
    Speakers Front:PSB Image T-45/400/Alphas,Center:PSB Image 8C/200C,Surrounds:PSB Image 1B/RBH A600
    Subwoofer Rythmic LV12-R/PSB Subsonic 6/5

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    Nice to know, thx.

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    It most likely set the crossover point higher freeing up the driver and its energy, to concentrate on the mids. Small speakers have a tough time handling full range but I find it odd that your AVR set them to small while still sending bass frequencies to them.

    At least you have it figured out and are pleased with the sound.


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