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    best out of these packages


    if you was to choose
    out of these speakers what would you choose in order of best to use for hometheatre and music

    jbl 590 or
    svs ultra towers or
    or chane 2.4
    or emotiva t2 or
    monitor audio bronze 6 or
    or kef r500
    in what order thanks

    i will be using a denon 4400
    blue node 2 streamer
    oppo 205
    sky q
    buzz tv box xls 3000

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    forgot to add
    psa mtm 110
    or psa mtm 210t

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    I've only heard the SVS from this group and they are VERY GOOD.

    Some on your list, I have not even heard of.


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    I haven't heard any of the speakers on your list personally, and know of the SVS Ultra Towers by reputation and reading reviews, which were very good.

    KEF traditionally makes good speakers and the Monitor Audio Bronze 6 looks like a speaker that I would love to hear.

    Do you have a way to audition any of the speakers on your list? That would be the only way to know for sure.


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