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    Bluetooth Dongle Suggestions Needed

    I'm looking to buy a Bluetooth dongle so our daughter can stream music to a powered speaker system in her room. I currently have one in another room but it's not the greatest and is very sensitive to passing in between the streaming device and the Bluetooth receiver.

    It's an older version so I assume they have made improvements since I bought it.

    So, anyone using one that's reliable? Suggestions?

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    I'm no help here Tracy...sorry man!
    David Vaughn
    Technical Writer/Blu-ray Reviewer
    Sound and Vision Magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Vaughn View Post
    I'm no help here Tracy...sorry man!
    I am so disappointed, David.

    The latest version that I have seen is 4.1. I assume it's an improvement over what I currently have.

    Actually, I'm seriously thinking about taking a pair of bookshelf speakers that I already have and using one of these 2x50 watt amp boards that has Bluetooth 4.0 integrated on the board.

    Name:  dayton audio amp bluetooth board.JPG
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    This way I can install it in one speaker, run power to the board, and then a cable to the other speaker.


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