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David just two things about the movie. Was there any real suspense at the end for you? Did you really think two nuclear bombs were going off?
And everyone got beaten up, thrown threw windows, motorcycle crashes, several punches to the face, several hits by wooden or metal bars and even a hanging. No bruises, no cuts, no black eyes out, everyone has their teeth and their hair combed. No one limps for more than 5 seconds, except for Cruise and the very end. People do not recover from all that that fast and without medical help.
Funny you mention this Barry, as I haven't really seen it elsewhere.

There were quite a few fake-outs in the movie. Heck, right up front we are shown that the three bombs did in fact go off, and the way it was presented was very convincing. Fooled me, but after that I was on high alert.

As for the indestructible nature of the characters... it actually did bother me. These movies have always featured crazy stunts, but nothing inhuman. (Like, especially so, since the stunts were real.) But the final 20m or so of this one was too much for me. Several helicopter crashes, then re-crashes of said crashes, then tumbling down a cliff, etc. and it was clear Mr. Hunt was invincible at that point. Killed the tension for me.

I can't think of another time in the series that believability was stretched so far, except maybe the 1st one, and the train sequence at the end. But that all happened so fast it didn't really register until it was over.

In part 4 and 5, whose template this one follows pretty closely, everything was plausible, at least in the reality of the movie. This one took it too far. An amazing sequence to be sure, but it went into cartoony Fast and Furious-land.

*Note: I don't really count the 2nd one. It sucks.