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    best to use components


    im just wondering again i have 2 svs ultra towers that i would use as rears
    and 4 svs prime elevation speakers for atmos

    if i was to use emotiva t2 as fronts and a c2 centre speaker
    and 2 emotiva t1 as extra surrounds
    again with a denon 4400 and a emotiva xpa2 gen3 amp
    again would they work very well as a speaker package together

    if not what if i was to use the emotiva t2 as fronts and a c2 centre

    and 4 svs elevation speakers as well

    with 2 chane 5.4 speakers
    with 2 chane 2.4 speakers as additional rears

    with a denon 4400
    and a emotiva xpa 2 gen 3

    again would they work well together as a package thanks

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    OK, so you already own the SVS Ultra Towers? If so, WOW, those are going to be some fantastic rear speakers. Why would you not buy another pair to use for the front?

    As I and David have mentioned before, it's better to have all your main 5 speakers as identical as possible. That being said........

    I suspect the Emotiva speakers in your front soundstage will be really great. Will they sound similar enough to work with the SVS Ultra Towers? I have no idea if they will or not. The only way to know for sure is to get them in your room and listen for yourself. I hate saying that since I assume you want a yes or no answer, but it's really the only answer unless you have heard them together, which I haven't.

    The same goes for the Chane speakers. There's no real way of knowing for sure unless you put them together with the SVS.

    As for the Denon 4400 and the Emotiva XPA 2. The XPA 2 is a two-channel power amp. Are you looking to use it for your main left and right speakers? If so, I think it would be fine. I think having a dedicated power amp is usually better than using a receiver if you have a large room, inefficient speakers, or like to listen to music or movies loud.

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    You might want to check out this recent multi-speaker shootout that a couple of AVS Forum members did. The Emotiva looks to be similar in sound to the Chane, both of which will be much more neutral than the SVS which is a brighter speaker than either of those. As far as the 5.4's, good luck getting those. The first batch went to pre-orders and it sounds like the next shipment in August is not going to last long either. However one of the two people who did that shootout and has raved about the Chane 2.4's (big reason I ordered them for my system overhaul) also REALLY likes the T2/C2 combo. Your SVS might work ok as surrounds, but since you want to put some extra surrounds in from a different brand you might still noticed something depending on your ears.
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