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People either don't know about ARC, love it because it works for them, or absolutely hate it for being a buggy mess. I'm happy to hear that you are part of the latter group.

I don't have a need for it in my system but like the concept.
Well, I have now shut ARC back off. I think it was causing issues even though the control stuff was turned off. (my understanding is AppleTV doesn't play nice even though you tell it not to enable the CEC control parts) I would turn on everything and at least once per day AppleTV would have no sound and I'd go back to my DVR input and have a nice blue screen that sometimes I could fix by toggling the power button on the comcast DVR, and sometimes I'd just have to pull its power and plug it back in. Since I turned it off things seem to be behaving for the last day or so right now.

The other thing I turned on at the same time but don't think it was the cause is "Pure Direct" mode in the VT60 which enables 4:4:4 signals. As near as I can tell, the ATV, DVR, and 4k disc player all seem to be able to output 4:4:4 because the TV says the option will actually be grayed out if the incoming signal isn't capable of it. I may or may not re-enable it after a couple days of no problems but we'll see.

I'm thinking the ARC etc. options were the cause though because I think I had the blue display screen before I swapped the receiver out on Saturday and I hadn't turned on the Pure Direct option until after I swapped them but ARC was on. Anyway, lesson learned, if it's not broken don't fix it. I'm not going to bother connecting a Toslink back up, we just don't need the internal TV apps anymore anyway between the ones on the X800 and the AppleTV there's no reason and they haven't been updated in a couple years anyway.