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    what to use overall


    how well would this work as a setup

    i want to use emotiva t2 as the fronts with a c2 centre
    2 svs ultra towers as the rears
    2 jbl 580 speakers as extra rears
    4 svs ultra prime elevations as atmos height speakers

    using them with a denon 4400 amp
    a emotiva xpa 2 gen 3 amp to power the additional channels to make it 11.4
    a bas x a700 amplifier

    my question is would these different brand speakers work exceptionally well together would they intergrate well with each other would it sound great together

    also i want to vastly increase the performance of the 2 front speakers for 2 channel performance and streaming performance of music using a blue node 2 streamer

    i want to use a denon 4400 amp in combination with the emotiva xpa2 gen 3 amp and emotiva bass x 700 amp

    i want to use the denon 4400 in combo with the 2 emotiva amps
    i want to use the emotiva xpa2 gen3 for the low frequencies of the 2 front speakers
    and the emotiva bass x 700 for the high frequencies
    would this work as a combination to vastly improve the 2 front speakers

    if not what would you use with the denon 4400

    and the emotiva xpa2 gen 3 amp
    for the requirements i need

    or what other 2 amps can i use with the denon 4400 to vastly increase the performance of the emotiva t2 front speakers

    i will be using belden u500e blue jeans speakers cables

    my other question is i want to use monoblocks to vastly increase the performance of the 11.4 package i was thinking marantz 700 monoblocks or outlaw 2200 monoblocks
    or what other monoblocks around the same price point would you use with this setup
    what would you advise to use overall

    i want to use monoblocks for all 11 speaker channels can this all be connected and work together with this setup

    also what specific cables do i need to connect the denon 4400
    with the 2 emotiva amps

    also what specific cables do i need to connect the 11 monoblock amps to the denon 4400

    i will be using rega rp3 turntable

    with a playstation 4 pro console
    xbox one x console
    wii u console
    nvidia shield console
    blue node 2 streamer
    opp 205 4k player
    buzz tv xls 3000 android box
    hi spec pc

    sky q silver silver box
    virgin media v6 box
    iphone x mobile phone

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    Generally speaking, you shouldn't use different manufacturers for your speakers because of the tonal differences between them all. Even if the rear speakers aren't exact from the same company, most likely the tweeters are the same and they're timbre matched with the fronts. Just my $.02.
    David Vaughn
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    David I couldn’t agree with you more. As you know I just replaced my rear speakers to be of the same manufacture as my friend. As a result I feel like I’m in the middle of the action, in the center of a big bubble, rather than hearing the sound from different places. Having all the speakers sound alike is a much better experience. By the way, that’s why I have all the amplifiers coming from the same manufacturer too.
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    I agree with David and Barry 100% about matching the speakers from the same manufacturer and have stated that in every thread of this type that you have posted.

    Can you mix speakers from different manufacturers? Yes, but you never know how they will sound until you get them integrated into your system. Different manufacturers use different drivers, crossovers, and cabinet designs and all that will create a difference in sound. Many times that difference is noticeable enough to be very distracting.

    If you have a Best Buy or any AV store that has a demo room near you, you should try this. Go into the demo room and listen to music or a movie through any pair of speakers in the room. Then ask the salesperson to switch the speakers to a different pair from another manufacturer. I bet you hear a noticeable difference in the sound. This is what you would be dealing with in your system if you start mixing speakers.

    You seem to like the Emotiva T2 towers and the C2 center speaker. Why not buy matching Emotiva surround speakers? If you like the SVS, buy all SVS speakers. The exception is with subwoofers as they can be from a different company. Also, at this point, there are not many companies making dedicated Atmos speakers. So with Atmos, you have to take what you can find and hope it's close enough.

    As for mixing the Denon AVR with the Emotiva, Denon, or Outlaw amps, I see no issue there. I'm not sure I would have a personal preference between the three brands.

    As for cables, you mention Bluejeans speaker cables. They also make well-build interconnects.


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