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    "Not Secure" from multiple browsers

    Man im having trouble with the website. All of my devices and browsers are saying it is not secure. mozilla, chrome, safari. crazy. cant post on mozilla at all.

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    Google, who does a ton of website indexing now flags any site that doesn't pay for an additional SSL security certificate, as not secure. This has just taken effect in the past couple of months.

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    Depending on how your privacy and security settings are configured, it will vary from saying not secure beside the URL to outright blocking the site. This could be an issue for e-commerce sites, but forums, blogs, and other non-commerce sites it's really a useless feature unless you are a hosting company who wants your money to place that cute little lock by the site's address.

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    I know this not because of the forum but our family business website. It's all about the $$$$$ in most cases.

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    From Google if you click the Not Secure message to the left of the URL......

    What a security certificate is

    When you go to a site that uses HTTPS (connection security), the website's server uses a certificate to prove the website's identity to browsers, like Chrome. Anyone can create a certificate claiming to be whatever website they want.
    To help you stay on safe on the web, Chrome requires websites to use certificates from trusted organizations.


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