Hello All.
I'm looking for some opinions/direction/thoughts to some equipment that I "might" have access to.... either buying or receiving for free. A client of mine has four (4) of these Digital Link Decoder Amplifier's (Model TA-DL100). Currently has them all hooked up, but mentioned that he "might" be redoing his home system. Also has a Master Digital Control Center unit (Model TA-DM1000ES). Included in this setup is an old AM/FM Tuner (Model 550ES).

Can someone enlighten me with details on what exactly all these components do? (except the tuner of course. LOL)
Should I even be interested in these?

Just became a member not too long ago. Have not posted my gear setups yet. But basically, have two (2) Sony AVR's and one (1) Marantz AVR. Older units with RCA's and S-video hookups.

Thanks for any input.