I've been playing the blu-ray from the box (4 cd + 1 blu). Turns out I didn't know that the blu-ray (which was marketed on the 2.0 & 5.1 48/24 remixes) also includes the original mix (& likely the original master, thank God), BUT IN 16 BIT (WTF).

Here's the scary part: they obviously did a flat transfer of the 1987 master in 16 bit, & it sounds better than both the remix in 24 bit & the 1999 remaster; simply because they didn't kill it with compression (& I BELIEVE it also has the original version of Going Under, though playing all 3 versions back to back, I THINK the only major difference is a short guitar solo.

Since I definitely prefer the concert in the 96/24 download version; it appears that I paid a little over $40 to get a new copy of the original 1987 cd on a blu ray; 4 new outtakes, an hour of watching & listening to 5 old men talk about "the days", and admittedly attractive packaging.

I don't know about you, but if I had known all of this (especially that the only hi-res version of the excellent concert was going to be a download), I would have bought the original single cd on ebay, bought the concert download & kept my 2 disc set (which does sound AWFUL due to brickwalling) for the demos & out takes.

If anyone wishes to purchase the 1999 2 cd remaster in excellent condition for way less than the $20 or so I paid for it when it was released, please send a pm!

I guess my lesson of this & the even worse Hendrix box is "stick to downloads, idiot self".

Ironic, my go to version of their best album is now a 16 bit version on a mostly audio only blu-ray

BTW, I rarely run into this, but the downmixed 5.1 was just as loud as the 24 bit 2.0; i.e. it is REALLY COMPRESSED.