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    Slim Device Squeezebox/Logictech devices

    Being new to this site I was surprised that there was no thread that covered what I called the grandfather of highend/ Hi Res music streamers. This little start up company out of northern California, pretty much put me back into audio enjoyment. like many of you, I have been a long time enthusiast of several formats growing up. CD's were starting to become a storage issue, so when I first heard about digital media my ears perked up and my pursuit of achieving quality sound. I first found a netgear streamer, the MP101 (2002), this is when I first learned about DAC's and its use/process in delivering quality sound. The MP101 had many problems, with wifi and sound quality, but I learned that was with both the device and the content I was streaming. Back then Napster and a few other sites were all the rage, but the quality of each track was hit or miss. After learning about ripping CD's, the sound quality was better, but the max rip rate was only 192Kbps back then. In 2006 I saw an add on a web site about the Slim Device Squeezebox. I did as many search reviews as I could to find out as much as I could about this item, as I didn't want to be disappointed again as I was with the Mp101. I found a guy that was selling one and made the deal. When it arrived I could hardly contain myself as I had been reading all the documentation I could find about the product, I had already installed the software on my desktop and was ready to stream. The setup was straight forward and easy, it found my music location and from there I was hooked. The quality of sound was nothing short of awesome and pleasing to my ears.
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    Since my first purchase of what is now called the Classic model, I have owned just about every model they have produce, with nothing but praises about each product in the line. the only disappoint was the short life of my Transport model , but I have been trouble free with the six Touch models I have in my home. I still keep a old Classic around (for my outdoor system).
    When I heard about the merger/buy out of Slim Devices by Logictech I was excited, but it only turned out to be a buy out to kill a product that was about to take the audio world by storm. In an era of portable music (not quality music) its a real shame that corporate protectionism comes into play to kill off the little guy with a great idea. If not for the online community and some of the old engineers from slim device this once king of hill would be a foot note in audio memories.

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    Familyroom HT;
    AVR Pioneer Elite SC Lx502
    Blu ray Pioneer Elite 85FD
    Music Pioneer Elite N-50/Logictech Touch
    Display Vizio P series 55" E1
    Pamamax 5300EX

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    This is one device that I know very little about. I remember hearing about it several years ago and then it seemed to disappear. Maybe that's about the time the buy out/kill off happened that you mentioned.

    It's a shame as it sounds like exactly what I need to get my purchased audio from the hard drive that's in my AV closet over to my two-channel rig.

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    It has a strong cult following still to this day. If you can find a used one on ebay, the price is right at or above retail now days. It set the standard for all other audio streamers to follow.
    Familyroom HT;
    AVR Pioneer Elite SC Lx502
    Blu ray Pioneer Elite 85FD
    Music Pioneer Elite N-50/Logictech Touch
    Display Vizio P series 55" E1
    Pamamax 5300EX


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