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    Pioneer Elite N50

    As much as I love my Squeeze box system, I look to improve all aspects of my music enjoyment. I came upon the Pioneer Elite N50, its audiophile level components made it a simple choice to add to my system. The N50 didn't make a big splash here in America, but in Japan and Europe it has a strong following. Now days there are many streamers and most AVR's can preform as well as a dedicated unit, but for us purist, nothing can replace a single unit that is design to do one thing well. There are some glaring issues with the unit, but that is on the software side and does not effect the performance/output of the sound coming from it. The N50 can search for internet stations (with connection to internet) world wide, playback most popular audio formats in use. If you are able to find a N50A or N70 model they are capable of playing back DSD files. This unit truly shines when playing Hi Res files (FLAC), It will push your system to its fullest. The N50 can also be used as a DAC for other units to play through, I use it to pass through for my Logitech Touch. I have been able to do A/B comparisons between my Touch and the N50, the N50 is just a bit more reveling in its sound. My trusted Touch is still my go to player when doing casual listening, as it is able to do playlist I have created and the ability to switch up music on the fly. The N50 is used when I have more time for critical listening. If you have any other experiences with Digital Audio Receivers ( DAR's ) please chime in and share your opinions.
    Familyroom HT;
    AVR Pioneer Elite SC Lx502
    Blu ray Pioneer Elite 85FD
    Music Pioneer Elite N-50/Logictech Touch
    Display Vizio P series 55" E1
    Pamamax 5300EX

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    I've never heard of that player. I will have to look it up.


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