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    Question Martin Logan Surround Speaker Question

    I have downsized my Martin Logan setup due to the fact that I now live in a 1450 SQ FT Condo vs 3100 SQ FT house.

    I sold my mains but I kept my Logos Center and my two Script Surrounds.

    I intend to use the Logos Center and the Scripts as Mains. That said, for surround speakers I am looking at the now discontinued (but available) Motion 2i or 4i.

    Can anyone who has had personal experience with these two bookshelf speakers give me a bit of advice? Mainly, is it worth paying a bit more than double for the Motion 4i's vs. the 2i's for surround for home theater?

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, I have no experience with either of those.

    Looking at the specs, the 4i has a better frequency response on the low end and more power handling. Some of that can be made up by a good sub though and you would be running either one as a "small" speaker in your AVR's setup.

    I like larger speakers with larger drivers but it's hard to say without hearing them, ideally as an A/B comparison.

    Hopefully someone else will have heard them and can better advise you. Great having you on the forum.

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