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    would they work well together


    can you please tell me i will be using a denon 4400 with a emotiva xpa 2 with a music fidelity m6i
    using emotiva t2 as fronts and c2 centre emotiva t2 as rears and t1 as additional surrounds
    with 4 svs prime elevations speakers

    my questions is i will use the denon 4400 as main amp
    and the music fidelity m6i for high frequencies bi wiring the front and centre speaker
    and the emotiva xpa2 as low frequencies for the front and centre
    with blue jeans belden u500e speaker cables

    with emotiva upa1 mono blocks

    and a oppo 205 4k player

    my question is would the music fidelity m6i work extremely well with the emotiva xpa2
    and with the denon 4400
    and would it sound great for music and hometheatre with this combination

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    It always seems like you are trying to create an overly complicated system.

    In this example are you trying to combine the Denon AVR, Music Fidelity Integrated Amp, and an Emotiva power amp.

    The Emotiva T2 are really efficient at 91db. However, you could simply use the Emotiva amp to drive them. It will provide more current than the Denon. Bi-amping them would work too but you are going to have to use Y adapters to split the left and right channels, running one set into the Music Fidelity and one into the Emotiva amp.

    It's way too complicated for such a small degree of possible improvement. Personally, I would simply use the Emotiva amp to power the T2s and leave the Music Fidelity out of it.

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    I agree. Biamping may (Not will) buy you a very small improvement in sound quality. Leave the Music Fidelity out of this equation and use it to build a 2nd system. You would be far better off than going through the complications youare trying to achieve.
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