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    Record dvd from Verizon dvr

    I recorded Davis Wrights last game on my Verizon DVR and would like to keep,it as a dvd. My computer has a Dvd recorder and I even have an external dvd/blu ray recorder that hooks up to the computer.

    How do I record the show? My computer only has usb inputs and the Verizon has hdmi outputs. Any ideas?

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    You could try something like this or I'm guessing they'd work since I'd assume something like that isn't HDCP protected like a disc but if it is, you might be out of luck. If your DVR had other types of video output it might be easier and cheaper or if you have something that you can feed it into (TV, receiver, etc) that will output HDMI on component video or something at 1080i or less. Not optimal but probably better than not getting the recording. You could also look through the stuff here. Newegg is a good place to buy from (at least direct, don't know about their marketplace partners). I don't know if you have a laptop or a desktop that could take an internal capture card
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    Cell phone camera pointed at the TV?

    With your DVR not having analog outputs and none of them do these days, it's going to be tricky. My sister wanted me to record and burn a DVD of a Wicked special that recently came on. She's a huge Wicked fan. I did record it but I don't know to get it off my DVR and onto a DVD for her.

    So, I very interested in any solutions this thread may produce. I know there was a product called HD Fury that converted HDMI to analog but I haven't kept up with it as that was back in the late days of rear projection CRT displays.


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