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    They aren't really made of anything super special. If you can find the type of dense foam used for upholstery, it would likely work.

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    Good after noon Tracy,

    Thanks for keeping me in mind. I had forgotten to call SVS and inquire what four plugs costs before I try alternatives.
    I spent the morning in the media room working on the Insteon Hardware by Smarthome and trying to remember why I did what I did. I installed the hardware in late 2004 so I can't complain about the Program Module dying, but only the newer module is available. I'm assured it will work with my system??? I had a VIP Coupon good for 50% off, no complain here. I can choose to use a smartphone or voice commands for only the new parts. Still spent $160 for the new hub starter package & two PLMs, one for repair and one for a spare. $320 for the original cost is obscene. The older parts no longer available will still use the MX-990. Free shipping via whatever schedule the shipper feels like, 2-7 days which will be 7, been there and done that, I'm not in a hurry. The end of 2018 isn't going my way, but there's hope for 2019.

    I hope the New Year goes your way,


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