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    tracy mentioned HDR. included in that is one of the biggest differences in 4K tv's, how they are so much BRIGHTER than 1080p tv's. even watching my blurays on the 4k tv, the first thing i noticed was how much brighter everything was.

    the only broadcast tv i watch is sports. thats it. my tv watching is made up of Netflix and Prime which have a ton of 4K content. I am only upgrading certain films to 4k UHD from what i have already. Blade Runner 2049, The Matrix and films that have any IMAX in them look spectacular. cable looks like ass, so be sure to get a tv with a great upscaler if u have cable or watch a lot of OTA. I get the specific channel apps and cast to my tv. most are in 1080p. those that are in 720p like espn are cleaner than the cable signal. the nfl games that were on Prime in 720p looked amazing!

    i sit about 8' from my 65" Vizio M Series 4K tv. This is the reason for 4K, so u can sit as close to a big screen as possible without noticing the defects while being able to notice all the details. streaming 4k isnt perfect and u better have a great provider. I have crapcast at 100Mbps.

    is it worth it? to me, hell yes!
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    I remember when large 1080i rear projection CRTs first came out. 480i didn't look good and watching the local news was a joke. Not only did their on-site camera footage look bad and you could see how cheap the news sets were.

    That quickly changed as the networks made several changes to make their local news sets and footage look better on the new HD TVs. The push for 4K isn't quite as quick to take hold.

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    The new Cox cable boxes are supposedly 4K compatible. Just found that out. Probably be able to do the Masters and select broadcasting to start.

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