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Thread: Troubleshooting

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    Just finished tracking down an irritating resonant rattle in my HT tv stand (danged glass shelves). If you don't have an AVIA audio/video test disk, you can use the test tones on You Tube, just do a search. Test tones are a good way to check your whole listening room for rattles. Had a bad one at 95 hz and was able to use a small shim to brace a shelf. All good now, happy camper.

    You can see a lot just by looking.

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    Good to hear you found your rattle. I have a rattle myself, my ceiling grid.

    I have a suspended ceiling in the theater to accommodate all the HVAC ductwork and give me easy access to my plumbing and electrical. I suspect it's vibrating in several different places. The Youtube test tones are a good idea.

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    I just discovered one as well, but haven't had a chance to track the damn thing down. I think I have a loose screw in one of my cooling fans in my rack. This is giving me the motivation to search it down this weekend.
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