Matthew Patrick's review of Schiit Audio's Jotunheim DAC was just recently posted on

The review could not have come at a better time for me as my new Sennheiser HD 6xx headphones need a bit more "juice" than my laptop can provide.

The company not only has a catchy name but it was started by two guys who are well-known in the AV market, Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard. The duo has joined forces to create a company that not only has a memorable name but also one who is focused on providing a lot of audio performance at a low price point. Their offerings include a well respected $129 phono preamp, which I own, and also a line of DACs starting at just $99.

The subject of Matthew's review is the Jotunheim which starts at $399 but you get a lot for that money. This product combines a DAC (two models to choose from) and a headphone amp in a single chassis. The amp can drive anything from 32-ohm earbuds up to 600-ohm headphone beasts. Additionally, the reviewed model has the company's multibit DAC which they say provides smoother decoding of your digital music than the standard and aged Delta Sigma decoding that most other DACs use.

The Jotunheim also has both 1/4" and balanced headphone outputs and a pair of balanced inputs and outputs on the rear of the unit. I can easily see someone using this as a preamp for a larger two-channel system as well.

Give the review a read and see what the buzz is about with Schiit Audio.